“I know I am Love”

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“I know I am Love…and sometimes I forget
I know I am One with everything…and sometimes I forget
And when I remember, everything I do is easy
Everything I see is beautiful
All that I am is perfect” Gabriella Armondo

Today  I am grateful for my life, the beauty around me, the colours of nature after the rain, the sound of silence and the impulse to act from my heart. I am grateful for my sense of gratitude and simplicity that exists within me now. 


Inner contentme…

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Inner contentment or being at peace with who I am, or that I am, has me know all is always well. Therefore everywhere I am and every situation is okay no matter what. Perhaps that is what we mean by confidence. Acknowledging my True self in every moment can only equal Love. Because that is who we all are in Truth.

Positivity and …

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Positivity and the act of Kindness is proven to lower blood pressure and stress, and improve a sense of well being, via the para sympathetic nervous system.

A Thought to ponder on

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We each choose our illusion by which to explore the Truth…

Do you justify your illusion or choose it?