Sisterhood Circles



~~ A Circle of ordinary women meet the first Sunday of each month and find their extraordinaryness. Numbers change from month to month and new participants are welcome anytime ~~


Sisterhood Circles creates a safe and dynamic space for Women.         


In a circle you will be seen and  heard for all that you are… you will laugh, dance and share surrounded by love and support… you can share your wisdom and your concerns, supporting each other in taking your leadership, spirituality, creativity, health, relationships – and our world – to the next level.

If you’re anything like us you want an extraordinary life. You want to give your deepest soul gifts and make a meaningful contribution to your community. You want to feel deeply inspired and connected to spirit and raise the vibration within and around you.

We get it!

That’s why we are providing a regular  dynamic circle of women for you to be inspired, supported and  be playful in as you blaze your own sacred path toward vibrant health, unbridled creativity and thriving relationships by expanding your recognition of who you need to be and who you already are. And when you are aligned with your feminine essence and the things that truly matter, you’ll become more magnetic and attract even more of the  magic that makes life a delightful playground.

This is your chance to be part of a dynamic circle of women, moving, inspiring, expanding and rocking 2015.

Making a difference

If you want to thrive in your life AND make a bigger difference  on the planet, I invite you to join us  this year in gathering with extraordinary women to keep creating Sisterhood circles the way you want it. Through our continued connection with each other I envision the possibility of collaborating on projects that make a difference.

Project # 1 – Sponsoring Women in countries devastated by war through WfWI

Our first sponsored sister is Mendushe from Kosovo.

Each circle is unique.

We often start with dancing and  moving out the stresses of your week before sitting in meditation to get deep and connected, including open eye gazing, breath focus and visualisation, then sharing around the circle about what deeply moves us. As we share authentically we release what we’re ready to, then share our intention for the following month on completion.  We dance, we laugh and we get present. Are you ready for this?

The sharing has been honest, vulnerable and strong  and the take home’s  have been as individual as each woman is. It is a treat to watch how each woman has something to offer each  other, be it a contact, an experience or being moved and inspired. Everyone seems to relate to what everyone else is sharing. There’s the Oneness!




Sisterhood Circle Uluru Retreat and Kata Tjuta Men’s Journey 2015
…was both a privilege and humbling to be in the presence of the magnificent Uluru, Kata Tjuta and Cave HIll, plant, animal and the animated indigenous whose ancestors, like them, have been deeply committed to taking care of all that is their country.
The early crisp mornings brought multi hued skies worth a thousand paintings that would never do justice to the sunrises before us. This awe inspiring land afforded us deep connection, creativity and transformation to say the very least.
For many of us it was like coming home, to both the land and the skies. Excited by the sheer beauty of star groups and planets in the multi galaxies through the eyes of our passionate astronomer was a highlight as were the wide open spaces surrounded by mountain ranges 360degrees around coupled with the power of the land that has to be experienced not described. Unsurpassed was the feeling in every cell of the gentle and powerful wisdom of our first nation in deep caves ancestral communities lived and taught in.
We were exposed to beautiful open hearted people, including the staff at Yalara, the participants of our Retreat and the indigenous that wanted so much to teach us of their culture at a level we could understand. Bush tucker, cave paintings, as old as 22,000 years and maybe more, and voluptuous curves of weathered sand stone and waterholes, along with the dreamtime stories and the symbolic art that described indigenous life, had us mesmerised.
We were blessed to spend time with Auntie Alison, a quietly spoken indigenous elder whom we all fell in love with. “You are my family” she said. With tears around the table we were moved at the acknowledgement and her commitment to the honoured natural laws of life and her people.
This unforgettable Retreat was equally an honour, a delight and deeply transformational. We beheld the beauty and the power of country that continues to stir the hearts of visitors from all over the globe… The Heart of Australia glowing for all to absorb.



Join us next year…dates to be advised!!IMG_1721



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