Feel Good Inside


Welcome.  I am Gabriella. My joy, my purpose, my work is about Leading you to Love by leading with Love.

“To feel good inside we need to be present to our inner world at ever deepening levels. Being with ourselves with the presence of a lover… to ourselves.”  Gabriella

When our bodies are aligned and pain free ; our minds still; and our hearts open, we are free to live authentically, love wholeheartedly and be in inspired action.

Have you ever asked yourself, ‘What is love really?” or “What does getting present mean?” Or have you ever heard someone say “So within, so without” and wondered what that means?

With loving thought, word and action you are directed towards the presence of love …which already resides within you. Your external world is a reflection of your internal world; so when you find yourself expanding your understanding suddenly your friends and colleagues seem to start acting differently. Actually it’s you. When you shift fear motivated thought and behavior what is left is a loving environment within, that shines out, creating love in your world; Becoming aware of who you are as Love.

Earth Heart

“Create the highest, grandest vision possible for your life, because you become what you believe”  Oprah Winfrey

ALIGN YOUR BODY                         

When the body is out of alignment nothing else flows, all the systems of the body are affected, physical pain exists and energy flow becomes blocked whilst movement is hindered in body and in life. Working with your body rather than just on your body, and reading your body’s subtle cues, informs and re ignites your natural balance. Stress patterns are released with gentle movement, joint compression and isometrics, easing your whole being back to alignment.


Finding stillness everyday reaches a deep well from which bursts forth a natural and blissful productivity that gives to all within your reach. Getting in touch with your divine wisdom. Reigniting your direct path. On purpose.


When your heart is awake life, within and around you, works. Love your imperfect self and let life love you back.

What you get in a session uniquely designed for you …

  • Body alignment and balance
  • Education and release of physical pain, recurring back and neck pain or digestive or respiratory imbalances, which herald a deeper message
  • Experience of body/mind presence, maybe deeper than ever before
  • Calming, comforting and balancing of the nervous system increasing the message of  ‘I am capable’ in the body/mind
  • Assistance in finding and reversing the childhood decisions that unconsciously have you live in fear
  • Awareness of, and freedom from negative patterns and trauma
  • Listening deeply to body, mind and emotion inviting a return to alignment with the Divine
  • Breakthroughs to self confidence and celebration of who you are
  • Practice in listening to your self leading guidance from within
  • Strategies and practices to take home, supporting the journey to self love no matter what



‘Love Arises in the Stillness. A Body Mind Journey’  

Starts March and August  2015

Please email me on gabriella.armondo@gmail.com for more information or PM me on fb. I will reply within 24hrs.

What others say:

“Gabriella will lovingly and powerfully accompany you on your journey back Home to yourself. ” MW

“I left the world at the door when I arrived and felt like a huge weight had been lifted when I left Gabriella, who is so easy to trust. It continues to amaze me how, it’s in the spaces after I see her that, the most miraculous shifts seem to show up in my life.” MP

“Thank you for your patience, understanding and you’re guidance. For helping me feel that there ARE people who listen and can help me understand my overwhelming terror when it rises to the surface. For showing me that some people really are true to their word! And most of all, for giving me HOPE that Love is possible and that Love trumps Fear every single time.” TC

Succinctly written by Michele Peppler… writer, coach and workshop facilitator.

Gabriella weaves a uniquely magical blend of compassion, patience, love, comfort, nurturing and understanding that will reopen your heart. 

A professional mentor, guide and facilitator for over 30 years Gabriella is also a gifted multidimensional healer who’s deep expansive love for her clients and her work is rivalled only by her love for humanity.  Her reputation has made her a sought after guide for people on a journey of healing for mind, body and spirit which she offers through a special blend of Ortho-Bionomy Bodywork (a unique modality with roots in Osteopathy and Eastern Philosophy), Breathwork and Spiritual Counselling. 

Gabriella’s work is based on the premise that we are coded with the intuition of what is emerging within us. She works with the body rather than on the body reading subtle cues that inform and re ignite natural balance. Blockages and stress patterns, that may be holding you back from being all you can be, are released. 

The Gabriella experience will leave you feeling lighter, brighter, infused with hope, possibility and more in love with life itself.


Please leave a comment below with your email address if you’d like to LOVE YOUR IMPERFECT SELF AND LET LIFE LOVE YOU BACK. 🙂


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