BElieve in YOUrself

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Does it really matter where we live on this phenomenal planet? How we live? What we do? Who we do it with? Whether we’re educated or not? Does it matter whether we’re good at marketing a small business, growing vegetables, doing research to cure diseases  or hug a sick child, run a multi national business or wait on tables?

Who says what’s right for each of us? How, What , When, Why? Exercise or not, cook or not, sing or not? Business or no business, family or no family, house or no house, car or no car. Does it really matter what we wear or how we wear it?

There is no right way to be a human/spiritual being.  Some of us get to choose based on what makes us happy, fulfilled and/or inspired. And for many leading a simple life finding enough food to eat or feed our families.

As I look and listen in and around me I notice the human habit of ‘shoulds’ and ‘have tos’ running our lives. Even in the ‘knowing’ that I am free to choose and loving what I’d doing, I can feel the pressure rise, at times, to be at my computer when I’d rather be in the sunshine or cooking a fantastic dinner for my son. I know there is stuff that just needs to get done but when I trust in the flow of everything  happening in perfect timing it seems to and my light radiates to all those I am with.

What’s more important in a life is to be the best you, you possibly can. To do what makes your heart sing and engage in activities that flow easily rather than because you think you have to, or because it’s always been that way, blocking the flow and dimming your light.

If it makes you smile, laugh and love you’re on the right track.

I give myself permission to be me and to do what I love because I know this expands my presence and inspires others, not to mention has me shine inside.  Marianne Williamson said in her famous quote ‘Our Greatest Fear’, “…As we let our own light shine we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same…”

Take care of yourself, fulfill your own needs, find your tribe and Live, Love, Laugh…like everyone else is cheering you on. They Are!

Other people unconsciously want you to be great so they can.


Touch takes me into myself

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I love my clients. They are so courageous in opening themselves to their healing; to their awakening. It takes courage to walk a ‘yet to be known’ path. Although motivated by a desire for peace of mind, an urge for inner stillness, the unknown can be a little scary to say the least. But intrinsically we know that our true state of being is peace, contentment, compassion and love; that’s why we go in search of them. Our pain draws us to it…or our numbness.

With his permission I’d like to share an epiphany a male client had this week. A remembering of true self.

In one of our weekly healing sessions I was ‘in deep’ with eyes closed. I could feel the energy beginning to move under my hands as they lay gently on his chest. To get my attention he softly touched my back waist, as that is where his hand could naturally reach, before he spoke. My attention immediately shifted to myself because of my own sensitivity to touch and my deep listening of my body. I carefully removed his hand and said, “That took me into myself. ” After asking me to repeat what I had said to deepen his understanding, and I repeating, ” That took me into myself”, he expressed his epiphany. “I always understood touch was for sensation only. You mean it can take us into ourselves?”  And with that cellular remembering he dropped deeper into stillness like never before in our sessions over the 3 months he’s been coming. This opened up a whole new world for him. And so the journey continues…

Wow! I was reminded of the deepening power of experience. It’s one thing to learn from the spoken word and another whole realm to experience it within our body/mind; to remember at a cellular level. Just like the difference between being told what salt tastes like and actually tasting it is poles apart. Or learning that focusing on your breathing will teach you mindfulness  being very different to actually focusing on your breathing regularly and noticing your thoughts – mindfulness then stillness. Body/mind knowing cannot be forgotten. Sacred touch can awaken what is eternally known. Stillness, contentment, purpose and Love.