Cafe eaves dropping

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I wrote this about 6 months ago in my favourite cafe in Prahran after another stimulating yoga class. It’s never too late to share inspiring moments…

“I am inspired by people around me today. I sat on the next table, in my favourite cafe this morning, observing two mature Jewish couples meeting for coffee. As they ordered their cappucino’s and lattes, carefully, they immediately began talking to each other about happiness and the flow of life. Of course, I immediately tuned in. In doing so I heard nothing but respect for each other and an authentic enquiry into what inspires their happiness and the true meaning of certain words to really understand each others perspective openly. I thought I’d found the gateway to my ideal new world and entered it.

This was one of those simple but miraculous moments in life. Although I felt a tad intrusive I also considered this moment an honour to be privy to hearts embracing the meaning of life in a grounded and respectful way, with ease and grace.”

Earlier that morning I was equally fortunate to have a conversation with a young woman who authentically shared some recent experiences on her travels that disappointed and dismayed her. As we spoke of what is possible in such circumstances her eyes lit up, and became more and more animated and empowered, as she realized what she can create with who she is as a result of her past experience. I so love observing and sharing in the heart opening phenomena.Connecting

My day was already complete, having connected deeply with some beautiful people, and it was only 11 am.

I’d love to hear some of your stories about sharing a heart opening moment, either yours or anyone else’s moment.

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