Where there is an enquiry everything is your teacher…

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These are times of great change. Both in our inner and outer worlds. The following may be of service to you and if you’re reading it it may well be timely.

“I am not here to learn from you, although I will learn from you. You are not here to learn from me although you will . The teacher and the student walk together.”

Where there is an enquiry everything is your teacher. When you are open to learning you will see,  hear and feel what is there before you to take you forward on your journey.

To stay solid but open in your own journey, it  is wise to only speak in depth of sensitive matters with those who believe in you, who are open to their own enquiry and love you unconditionally. It can be a ‘mine field’ where there exists self judgement. And, I suggest, there is particles of self judgement lurking in unsuspected places. Thus great courage is necessary to trust the process of life knowing that everything you need to move forward is there for you in the perfect way at the perfect time. Surround yourself with loving friends and things that bring you comfort.

Stumbling through new territory on the journey towards wholeness also takes forgiveness and unconditional love of self in each moment. Although you are already whole you are learning at ever deepening layers towards a resonance with Truth.

Beware of certainty and self righteousness for they can blind you to what wisdom may lie beneath the surface, and used to mask a momentary lack of willingness and courage to look at what is not yet known consciously. Staying open to new understanding, whilst treading confidently forward, can take trust in the unknown and courage to face pain. Pain, however,  is on the other side of the same coin to Love. It forges a channel for love to follow. Just as the rivulet makes way for the river to flow with fresh clean water after the rains.

    Affirmation . Try it if it resonates. I have the courage to step into unknown territory to grow in maturity and wisdom and embrace my strength, endurance and love of self. I love and trust myself no matter what. I am all I need to be…NOW. I am creator of my life

Choose Love.


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