Are you a Genius?

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I was listening briefly to a presentation by John DiMartini this week on Genius. He announces to his audience that we are a genius when we listen to our inner voices and act on them. I love that! He went on to say, “…sometimes we’re not popular for taking certain actions…and sometimes those same individuals will follow in time…”

I looked back into my life and found exactly what he means. At those times when I courageously acted on an inner directive taking what I felt was a huge risk all that I needed to execute the project was available to me. Other people quickly joined in supporting my project. Often surprisingly so at the time, and sometimes in retrospect, I would find I had done something that was worthy of a ‘high five’ to say the least.

What is your Genius? What is the repetitive message that you’re not acting on? It could be the very action that has you ‘swing from the rafters’ with freedom and joy…every cell bursting with energy.

Have you ever experienced this feeling and just wanted to kiss everyone… Love is rippling through your body and bursting out looking for expression .. And all because you acted from an inner directive…the one that’s been quietly simmering til it became impossible to ignore?

As an activity, in your meditation, tune in to what you would love to do. Once you’ve identified that take it to the next step and imagine yourself taking action on that. How does it feel? See yourself going all the way to completion. How does that feel? Where in your body do you feel it?

What if you took one action today towards this idea? Then another one tomorrow? Perhaps a phone call or some initial research?

I’d love to hear how you go. Please feel free to write to me and share your experience.

Open your Heart and your Mind and see what may have been there all along.



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